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Expertise and responsibility

Our staff consists of experienced lawyers who primarily serve their clients in Hungarian. We believe that companies and individuals can only effectively resolve their legal issues with expert help.

Speed and flexibility

Since your case is our primary concern, whether it is small or significant, we cannot allow delay, we will promptly process your case and take action.

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It is our central concern to be available to you right away. We clearly explain the legal reasoning, sincerely explore the facts, and realistically assess the situation.

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Who are we?

Our expert team provides customized legal services for Hungarians living in Austria and the clients of GENERALI Versicherung AG, ÖSTERREICH. We believe that we can provide you with legal support efficiently and quickly. We have different profiles in Vienna and throughout Austria under the name HorvathLawyers, Austria, serving the needs of Hungarian individuals and companies in Austria, from real estate transactions to tax matters, infractions and criminal proceedings.

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